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Scheduling a classroom training can be inconvenient for busy professionals. With online and blended courses, ProTrainings programs are available whenever you are, allowing you to pause and resume the training videos so you can come back later. Learn more

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ProTrainings can help you to meet all your Health and Safety and first aid training requirements through a mixture of accredited online, blended, and classroom courses nationwide, ensuring that you use the best, most cost effective training options available.

As a client, you will be assigned your own personal training account manager who will work with you to help you plan your training. You will also receive your own admin dashboard where you can monitor and track training for all of your employees.

Reduce the cost, not the quality, of your training. For more information call us direct on 01206 805359. Learn more

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Our students love the training they receive with ProTrainings. But don't just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials our students have given us. Learn more

Kandiah from Hampshire

“Excellent video and can easily understand. ”

Faisal from County (optional)

“I found it an extremely informative and helpful course. All information is nicely broken down into individual units & videos that are helpful in having a grasp of the subject in a systematic manner. ”

Erika - dental nurse from Essex

“Great training with the flexibility to pause and continue whenever and wherever I want. I definitely recommend to anyone.”

Lalita - Dental Nurse from Bexley

“Its very simple and easy to understand I enjoyed and updated my knowledge.”

Meral from CA

“Very thorough course and informative videos. As good as a face to face course. ”

Frederick - Doctor (DO/MD) from Hampshire

“A very comprehensive course with simple, easy-to-understand explanations for all grades of healthcare professionals. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.”

John - Doctor (DO/MD)

“This is my fourth update. I find the information helpful, up-to-date, practical and relevant. It is more helpful than updates that I used to attend the practice. Importantly, I feel that if an event occurred (as has happened on a long-haul flight) I am more confident and equipped to deal with it.”

Emeka - Doctor (DO/MD) from West Midlands


Sofiea - Clinical Pharmacist from Essex

“Very quick and easy access”

Wendy - GP Assisstant from Lancashire

“Fantastic,really informative thank you”

Magdalena from Bristol

“Very clear information, well-explained details”

Bryony - Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) from oxon

“Brilliant training, very thorough and covered everything I needed to practice on :)”


“excellent videos and lectures.”

Aengus from London

“Great course and great adaptive test. ”

frances - gp

“It took me a long time as I needed breaks otherwise I would not have taken it in. Surprisingly I learned more than attending a 2- 3-hour session with others in a group session but much harder work!”

Christopher - GP locum from Southyorkshire

“I was very impressed by the clarity and thoroughness of the presentations”

Kerry from Leicestershire

“Very good, clear advice. Nice chap delivering advice too. I learnt a couple things too which is good as I've done BLS a few times before”

Rebecca - Dental Nurse from Somerset

“Great training, I feel confident and felt I have taken on board so much useful information. Thank you, well worth the money.”

justine - dental nurse from south yorkshire

“A good course, easy to navigate around and useful to be able to save and come back to it another time.”


“Very good online course and explained very well and easy to do”